Tamika Johnson: Editor-in-Chief/ Fashion & Beauty Editor

Tamika is currently enrolled at York University studying philosophy & criminology as double major honour student. Tamika has previously lived in the Jane and Finch community, and has felt the need to create a positive reflection on youth who are growing up within the same community. Boss Magazine was created as a media outlet for the youth in Jane and Finch and similar neighbourhoods to display all their positivity and capabilities through fashion, literary, and the arts. Through this magazine, youth of Jane and Finch can attack the negative stigmatization on their community. Not only that, this publication gives youth a means to create their own dreams and express themselves freely. Since the creation of Boss Magazine, Tamika has been a positive role model for the youth to look up to. After all, she was honored at the 2012 Young Black & Gifted Black History Ceremony for her continuous dedication, hard work & continuous service to the community. The journey doesn't end there for Tamika Johnson. Her future plans are to become a Supreme Court Judge, to continue to be an advocate for young black woman all over the world and to restore hope in native country Jamaica.


Awena Abala: Fashion & Beauty Editor/ Stylist/ Writer

Awena Abala is Boss Magazine's Fashion & Beauty Editor as well as Boss's Lead Stylist. Awena's unique eye for fashion helps set Boss apart form other fashion magazine's. Her keen eye and attention to detail solidified her position as a fashion and beauty editor. Not limited to just fashion Awena also has a great journalism background. Awena is very devoted to helping the community and creating outlets for youth.


Jayshawn Jones: Fashion / Beauty Editor

Jayshawn Jones is one of the fashion and beauty editors/ stylist of boss magazine. Jayshawn brings a unique and interesting dynamic to the boss team, his keen eye for detail and cordination translates into his work and is a clear reflection of his versatile fashion sense. Along side of his position with boss he also has a passion for graphic design and photography, which he's been able to utilize to capture and create beautiful photos.


Justina Opoku-Ware

Justina is currently pursuing a second degree, after graduating from York University's Psychology program. Justina is actively involved in her neighbourhood and has extensive experience working with youth. She is dedicated to making Boss Magazine a positive media outlet in Toronto. Being the editor for the lifestyle section is one more way for her to counter the stigma surrounding certain communities, and highlight the great achievements within those areas instead.


Kern Carter: Copy Editor

Kern Carter is a lover of all words. After graduating with an English degree in 2008, Kern pursued his passion for writing on a freelance level. While building his portfolio writing for online companies and different organizations, Kern established himself as a consistent talent able to intelligently remark on a wide variety of topics. Kern continues to study his craft and pursue his passion to as a writer/editor with the goal of one day being recognized as one of the great writers in Canadian literature.


Amina Yassin: Sales/Marketing Director

Amina Yassin is Boss's director of sales and marketing. Amina has more than ten years experience working with newcomer and racialized communities. Over the past 6 years Amina has concentrated on supporting small and emerging organizations access funding and other financial revenues.




Laura Metcalfe

I work as a Community Development Officer with the City of Toronto. in this role, I work in the Jane-Finch community with youth groups, residents, community organizations, institutions and city partners to improve opportunities in youth employment, youth engagement, youth justice and community/family supports. I also work with the Toronto Youth Cabinet (TYC). The TYC is a youth driven advocacy organization which strives to improve the quality of life for Toronto's youth. Boss Magazine has been one of the most inspiring initiatives that I have been involved with - the young people who make this project happen are transforming the media landscape and creating real and meaningful opportunities for youth interested in media arts. I also volunteer with Schools Without Borders (SWB).


Morris Beckford: Executive Director, Doorsteps Neighbourhood Services

Morris keeps us up to date and informed about our goals and finances set within our yearly work plan. He periodically joins meetings to discuss administrative issues, helps to secure finances and is always available to talk when we need to bend his ear. Morris is a member of the Mississauga Library board and is a graduate of both York University and the University of Toronto.



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